How to implement Loyalty Programs for Airports – Heathrow Case Study


In this blog post we’ll illustrate how London Heathrow Airport successfully deployed its loyalty program through PassKit technology. The digital loyalty program generated an average of 1245 new signups per day. Objective and goals By digitising the loyalty program, Heathrow Airport opened a new communication channel with the travellers by directly getting into their phones. Push […]

Layman’s Introduction to Blockchain

Do you think Blockchain only relates to Bitcoin? Think again. There are many opportunities to take advantage of Blockchain. And we are only just starting to see the application of this innovative concept and technology. As an introduction we recommend this video: If you want to learn more, or have ideas that you think would benefit from blockchain, please […]

What questions are you solving with your 2017 Marketing Strategy?

10x your marketing strategy 2017

Customer convenience is the new marketing strategy. A growing number of leading brands, business people and marketers are focusing their time and energy on customer convenience as opposed to flash advertisements or catchy slogans. In this video, Paul Tomes – Co-Founder and CEO of PassKit – shares the 10 questions he’s posing himself, his team, […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from PassKit CEO 2016

If you are looking for the 2017 Marketing Strategy Video please visit here: What questions are you solving with your 2017 Marketing Strategy? And here’s the Happy Holidays video message from PassKit’s Co-Founder and CEO Please leave your comments below, and if you’d like to see Paul on video a little more often please let […]

How to use gamification to grow your customer base

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 5.22.23 PM

Everybody is talking about gamification. But instead of giving theoretical and redundant definitions, we will showcase how Resorts World Manila acquired 27,000 members in 24 hours and obtained 40,000 members in one week through the gamification process powered by PassKit. Campaign Goals and Objectives Resorts World Manila initially planned to achieve the following targets: Convert existing members to digital memberships […]

How Hardys wine won Frontier Technology Innovator of the Year

Hardys wines MMG PassKit case study

Who doesn’t like shiny awards? Let’s face it. In the agency world that award means a lot. And agencies are crying tears of blood to build compelling campaigns to creatively engage with their customers. From cool chat-bots to artificial intelligence, instant apps and amazing mobile experiences, we see a lot of new technology and innovation out […]

New iOS 10 beta alert: [app name] May Slow Down Your iPhone

iOS 10 logo

With the iOS 10 beta versions Apple included a “[App Name] May Slow Down Your iPhone” alert that popped up during the beta process when an app was run and did not comply with Apple’s 64-bit policy. So if a user launched a 32-bit app for example, the alert would appear to warn that the app was not optimised […]

Sompo Insurance Unveils New Digital Insurance Policies for Thai Travelers

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 1.33.41 PM

After FWD Hong Kong going live with its digital travel insurance policies last week, we are so excited to announce that another insurance company -Sompo Insurance Thailand- also unveiled its own digital travel insurance policies compatible with mobile wallet. Any customer who purchases SOMPO travel insurance will be now able to instantly store and access […]