10 Interesting Stats You Need to Know About Apps


Our smartphone never leaves us, always in our pocket, in our bag, it is near us even when we sleep. Actually, it is a part of us today. And the parent engine of our smartphone is … Apps! So, what kind of apps are the most used? how often? and why? Let’s discover all the facts […]

Want to Develop an App for your Business? Here’s Why you Shouldn’t.


  So you think you should just develop an app and that will solve all of your problems? But do you know that: App Store grows by over 1,5k apps per day? That most apps actually do get lost in the whirlpool of App stores and Google Play. And generally, the discovery happens in the […]



MAY 23-24:  It might be a long weekend, but today’s tech trend post is not short on interesting topics. Take a look below to see what happened in this week’s Monday review. 1 – GOOGLE MAKES “FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S” A REALITY Let’s face it Google is pretty omniscient. They know where you live, what you like, when you’re awake or […]

Apple, Mobile Payments, and NFC: What you Need to Know

Wake me up when September ends? Not this time. We are waiting in anticipation for September 9, when Apple is reported to unveil its latest iPhone. With all the buzz about the new, large screen iPhone, rumours regarding mobile payment features, and even partnership deals between Apple, Visa, and MasterCard to support an iPhone Wallet, […]

What is iBeacon Technology: An Animated Production

iBeacon technology can be difficult to understand at first. To make learning about it fun and easy, we’ve put together this animated video to sum up iBeacon and show a practical example of implementation. It also highlights important points such as hardware required and offline-online-offline interaction with a mobile wallet (using something like Apple Pay or […]

Unexplained hang in Safari 6.1 and Safari 7


If you are using the Pass Designer in the latest release of Safari (Safari 7.0) you may experience page hanging. We have raised this Safari bug with Apple, and will keep you posted of progress. To avoid the page hanging, we recommend you use the latest production release of Safari (6.0.5 8536.30.1) or the latest […]