5 Creative Uses of Mobile Wallet and Passbook

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You can listen to the audio here and download the mp3 for free: https://soundcloud.com/passkit/5-creative-uses-of-mobile-wallet-passbook.

This video covers 5 mobile wallet case studies that will show you how different companies from different industries are capitalizing on mobile wallet technology. We take a close look at Ian Daburn (service), Walgreens (pharmaceutical chain), Subway (restaurant chain), Major League Baseball (professional sports), and Queensland University of Technology (education).

All of these organizations have successfully carried out mobile wallet campaigns. From simple membership cards to perpetual coupons, these case studies will give you an insight into the different ways mobile wallet content can be utilized in your business. Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, for added convenience, or to create a streamlined user experience, we will reveal just some of the endless opportunities mobile wallet presents. The shift from physical to digital wallet content should be embraced by businesses and this two-part video series will take you through why.

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Full Transcript

Hi everyone, it’s Tayler from PassKit and today I’m going to be taking you through how 5 different companies are using mobile wallet technology.

Ian Daburn has over 20 years in the fashion and hair industry, with locations in Vancouver and London. Ian Daburn created a coupon to circulate across customers. The company was able to send over 3000 push notifications to its consumers. Ian Daburn was able to connect directly with its customers through the coupon. Advertising through the wallet itself cut down some of the advertising costs. Ian Daburn created quirky marketing campaigns, like when they changed the coupon image for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Walgreens is a major drug retailing store with over 8000 stores across the US. Walgreens created a rewards card for Passbook. Customers can add their rewards card to Passbook through the Walgreens app, or they can scan their physical card and add it directly to Passbook without the app. The rewards card displays their points balance and can be scanned at checkout to accumulate further points. It has also allowed Walgreens to use geofencing capabilities for when customers are near one of their stores. This means that when a customer is near a Walgreen’s store, their rewards card will pop up on their lock screen. Customers can check their live rewards balance without having to log in online. This has also boost downloads of the company’s app. Now, more than 40% of Walgreen’s online prescriptions come from mobile devices. Geofencing and location based notifications are driving in store traffic. By delivering personalized messages to its users, it’s been able to bring in over 3 million customers per week.

Subway is an American fast food franchise operating globally. It primarily sells sandwiches and salads, promoting itself as a healthier fast food option. Subway generated perpetual coupons. This digital coupon campaign was created to drive traffic to different stores. And after redemption, the customer was encouraged to keep the pass. A few weeks later, Subway updated the same coupon with a new offer. The first coupon deal attracted 10,000 downloads in the first week. By regularly updating the coupon to display new in-store promotions, Subway has given their customers a reason to retain the pass after redemption. The pass has even allowed management to track consumer spending.

Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization in America with over 30 stadiums. The MLB Ballpark app has integrated Passbook technology, which delivers and stores tickets on attendees’ smartphones. The app allows users to personalize trips to baseball games, with features like promotions, rewards, and social media content. At selected ballparks, they have also incorporated automatic check-in, mobile food ordering services, locational offers using iBeacon. MLB has created a better connection with the younger generation, allowing them to customize their own experience, making it more fun and enjoyable. Within weeks of rolling out Passbook services, it became the preferred choice of over 12% of all e-ticket buyers.

The Queensland University of Technology is a research university located in Brisbane. The university created a printing service balance card that can be viewed in Passbook. The card shows live and up to date balances of printing balances for students and staff, without having to enter a username or password. This simple use of Passbook has created enormous convenience for students, who are usually time-poor. Printing balances can be checked on the go and no longer require a computer to log into the system. It only takes a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

Well there you have it! Now that you’ve seen what other companies are doing with Passbook technology. You can do the same.

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