Apple Pay in iOS 10

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Apple has announced that when iOS 10 is released you’ll be able to purchase products through Apple Pay from Safari on your Mac! With this announcement everyone here at PassKit is extremely excited about the prospect of having a seamless shopping experience right at your fingertips.

For those who aren’t aware, Apple Pay is currently only compatible with iPhone 6 models and Apple Watch devices, and is available in certain stores. By entering your debit/credit card details on a one-off occasion onto the native app Apple Wallet, you’re then able to pay for your goods in store by simply using the Touch ID or wearing your watch.

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This one-touch method of payment will soon be available on participating websites to consumers on Mac as Apple Pay integrates their system with consumer devices, including iPhone and iPad. Shortly the shopping experience for consumers will be rapid because less time will be spent finding their card, entering their details, remembering their password and waiting for their confirmation page to load. All they’ll need to do is click the Apple Pay logo on a website, lift their finger and touch the fingerprint scanner on their Apple device, easy!

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So what does this mean for merchants? Well, since the customer will have already entered their details, purchases online will be much quicker due to the integration of Touch ID from mobile to Mac. Improving your business’s ease of purchase is highly important as 12% of consumers say they would abandon an online shopping cart due to complicated checkout*. Furthermore, you won’t have to handle the customer’s card numbers in your systems as you don’t receive these numbers when payment occurs through Apple Pay. This is beneficial to the purchase process on the merchant’s side as it would be significantly quicker and, on top of this, the customer would experience a feeling of security, which is crucial to an online sale as 37% of consumers in China and 27% of consumers in the EU would not shop online due to concerns about the safety of online  payment*.

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The expansion of Apple Pay opens up thousands of opportunities for the tech world and us… we’re going to try and set ourselves a goal of seeing whether we’re able to integrate Apple Pay onto a website following the release of iOS 10!

Let us know your thoughts below on Apple Pay coming to Mac; are you as excited as we are? Are you eager to implement Apple Pay on ALL platforms of your ecommerce? Feel free to contact us here if you’d like to know more!

*VWO, 2014; Statista, 2011; Eurostat, 2015

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