How Secure is Apple Pay?


Very.   With the release of Apple Pay in Hong Kong last week you can’t blame us for being over-excited little puppies and using it at every possible opportunity! We know not everyone is as crazy about it as us with 20.5% not trying Apple Pay due to security concerns, but we’re hoping we can […]

How to Add your Credit Card to Apple Pay (Apple Wallet & Apple Watch)


Apple Pay has just launched in Hong Kong! Are you as excited as we are? We’re stoked to try this out and will share our experiences of transacting with Apple Pay throughout Hong Kong. For reference, here’s a list of stores that currently support Apple Pay. Apple Wallet Here’s how you can link your local […]

Know Thy Customer. Get Mobile.

cos'è apple wallet

Know Thy Customer It’s one of the cardinal rules of marketing. Savvy brand managers have always preached the importance of knowing and understanding your target customer. They often pay significant amounts of money to research firms developing customer profiles, figuring out what age their ideal product-purchasers are, where they live, what they love and what […]

Weekend In Tech Trends


Tech Trends- Nov 21-22 Hong Kong takes on Tesla, the mobile Genius Bar, and Facebook becomes your therapist, and more in this week’s Weekend in Tech Trends. Tech Trends 1) Tesla’s autopilot no longer available in Hong Kong Tesla owners in Hong Kong(and trust me, there’s a lot), received some not so good news about their […]

3 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Marketing


The world is changing. The days of massive TV and billboard ad campaigns are over. This may be a sad thought for creatives who reminisce about advertising’s heyday, but it has opened a whole new world for marketers. Mobile marketing has given any business a way to reach their customers. Before, you would need a […]

The Big 3 Players In Contactless Payments Have Arrived: Enemies or Allies?


Within the next 4 weeks, the entire contactless payments ecosystem is going to change. The big 3 – Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay – will all officially be available in the U.S. by the end of September. Android Pay (a revised Google Wallet and Tap and Pay experience) could arrive late August or early September. No one is […]

Mobile Payments And The Mobile Wallet Are Preparing For Battle


First, a little bit of history… 2011- Google Wallet 2012- Apple Passbook 2013- Apple iBeacon 2014- Apple Pay 2015- Android Pay- Apple Pay UK – Apple Wallet – Eddystone Mobile Payments and the Mobile Wallet are preparing to kill the leather wallet Has the leather wallet finally met its match? Since 2011, we have seen […]

Should You Be Worried About Apple Pay’s Security?


In our digital world, keeping your personal information secure is much easier said than done. And as contactless payments start to make their way into the mainstream, security has been on the forefront of consumers minds. So far, Apple Pay has held up well, leaving consumers minds at ease knowing their information is secure. But […]

One Major HSBC Apple Pay UK Issue No One Is Talking About

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 21.41.48

Neither HSBC, First Direct or Apple are talking about this system breaking issue. An issue that at worst presents a security risk, and at best makes it almost impossible for you to add a Card to Apple Pay UK. Which is why we’re bringing it to your attention. You heard it here first! Major HSBC and first direct Apple Pay Issue You were […]