Using Apple Pay Will Be Even Faster With This New iOS 9 Feature


Using Apple Pay in its current form makes paying easier as well as transaction times faster. But in true Apple fashion, it still isn’t enough. Which is why they’ve now decided to add a feature that will make using Apple Pay even faster. Currently, Apple Pay only activates once you tap your iPhone against an NFC terminal. […]

3 Reasons Fast Food And Mobile Payments Make A Quick Match


I only expect a few things out of my fast food. But what I do expect, I expect to be done well. Two of these things are that it’s fast and convenient. I expect it to be easy to order and ready in a short amount of time, so I can be on my way. That […]

Weekend In Tech


July 11-12: iOS 9 beta, Apple Pay U.K. leaks, Star Wars fans get a surprise and more. Microsoft HoloLens takes a turn towards academia Virtual reality has had a lot of hype lately, while most of it has been targeted towards VR and video games, Microsoft decided to go a different direction. Academia. Partnering with […]

What is the Future of Mobile Wallet?


With Apple Pay launching in exactly one week, we know that the future of payments is upon us. But as Apple Pay and other mobile payment providers grow, what does it mean for the future of mobile wallet? History of The Mobile Wallet While the mobile wallet and mobile payments first started around 2005, I’m […]

5 Ways Mobile Wallet Can Change The Way You Travel


Airports and airlines are clumsy environments. Waiting in lines, finding gates, delayed flights, and ridiculous in-flight purchasing policies make traveling far less enjoyable than it should be. But simple integration of the mobile wallet could be the answer to a much more enjoyable travel experience. Both travelers and airlines alike, need to be smoother and […]

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Mobile Marketing


In terms of mobile marketing, mobile wallets like Passbook should be extremely appealing. However, the concept of mobile wallet has been around since 2012, and companies have been surprisingly slow to adopt its litany of benefits. This has changed to a large degree over the past year or so, but the fact remains that when […]

How Apple Pay Will Drive Mobile Wallet Adoption in 2015

Apple Pay in 2015

How would we describe Apple Pay in one word? We’d say Revolutionary. A major shift in consumer preference for the digital wallet is coming in 2015. Apple Pay may not be in your country yet, but soon it will be, and when it lands is your business going to be favorably positioned? More importantly are […]

How Apple Pay will Drive Mobile Wallet Adoption in 2015


Sign up for the Apple Pay & Mobile Wallet Webinar Webinar here What is your business doing with Apple Pay? If the answer to that is “nothing” or “I’m not sure”, then that’s okay. Ever since Apple Pay’s debut in late 2014, marketers, developers, investors, and mobile wallet experts have immediately seen the massive opportunity […]

6 Things About Apple Pay Your Boss Wants to Know

Apple Pay Passbook

Consumers in the US are now using their iPhones to make everyday payments, no physical wallet required. Thanks to Apple Pay, consumers are experiencing easier, faster and more secure transactions, all from the comfort of their beloved smartphone. However, there’s more to Apple Pay than meets the eye. At face value it may just be […]