How to use Eddystone-URL and what is meant by “no need for an app”


Eddystone, specifically Eddystone-URL, has given BLE broadcast signals and proximity marketing a whole new meaning. But with this new technology comes a learning curve. Many people have began to wonder what exactly is the Physical Web and how will everything be just “a tap away” and how do people not “have to download an app […]

An Introduction To PassKit: The O2O Channel

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The world never stops evolving. And neither do we. 3 years ago, we set out to simplify the mobile wallet. Since our start, the mobile wallet has become much more than digital loyalty cards and coupons. Now, through both innovation and successful client experiences, we have made the mobile wallet a medium in which the […]

O2O: The Opportunity, The Journey, And The Future

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Business is changing. Two separate worlds have begun to merge. While some businesses have tried to avoid it, the mergence of the online and offline (aka online 2 offline or O2O) world is inevitable. And if you’re prepared, O2O can be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. So what is it? What […]

Tips For Success: Proximity Marketing and Beacon Technology


It’s always great when you see businesses trying new things that make their customer’s experience better. But sometimes, businesses have great intentions when adopting new technology but are unable to make it work. And we hate to watch an awesome tool go to waste.  So for businesses looking to adopt beacon technology, here are some […]

Why Proximity Marketing Could Rewake Offline Commerce


Since the e-commerce take over in recent years, retail stores have felt the pain. More and more consumers have begun doing most of their shopping online, through stores such as Amazon, Zappos, and Alibaba. It is quick, easy, and convenient. But that isn’t enough, e-commerce still lacks a major aspect of shopping that consumers want. […]