How to Configure your iPhone as an iBeacon Transmitter

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Update: Skip this entire post and download the GemTot SDK App and easily turn your iPhone into an iBeacon transmitter with just the tap of a button. Download it here. For a full demo on how to use the app check out Experience iBeacon technology with the GemTot SDK App. iBeacon transmitters have the capability of […]

Tips For Success: Proximity Marketing and Beacon Technology


It’s always great when you see businesses trying new things that make their customer’s experience better. But sometimes, businesses have great intentions when adopting new technology but are unable to make it work. And we hate to watch an awesome tool go to waste.  So for businesses looking to adopt beacon technology, here are some […]

Why Proximity Marketing Could Rewake Offline Commerce


Since the e-commerce take over in recent years, retail stores have felt the pain. More and more consumers have begun doing most of their shopping online, through stores such as Amazon, Zappos, and Alibaba. It is quick, easy, and convenient. But that isn’t enough, e-commerce still lacks a major aspect of shopping that consumers want. […]

There’s a Pass For That: 5 Ways Tourist Destinations Can Use Passbook


Tourist destinations are supposed to feel like a dream. They are supposed to take you into a different world, where you’ll forget all of the things waiting for you back home. The problem is that even though places like Disneyland, New York City, and Las Vegas are fun, they can also be very stressful. Figuring out where to go […]

Could Eddystone Kill Battery Powered Beacons?


It’s the great debate in the beacosphere, should you use battery powered beacons or fixed power beacons? With the recent release of Eddystone, this debate just became much more interesting. Whether or not you’ve made the official jump and purchased beacons, you understand the importance of battery powered vs fixed powered. Which is why you understand […]

3 Reasons Fast Food And Mobile Payments Make A Quick Match


I only expect a few things out of my fast food. But what I do expect, I expect to be done well. Two of these things are that it’s fast and convenient. I expect it to be easy to order and ready in a short amount of time, so I can be on my way. That […]

5 Ways Mobile Wallet Can Change The Way You Travel


Airports and airlines are clumsy environments. Waiting in lines, finding gates, delayed flights, and ridiculous in-flight purchasing policies make traveling far less enjoyable than it should be. But simple integration of the mobile wallet could be the answer to a much more enjoyable travel experience. Both travelers and airlines alike, need to be smoother and […]

GemTot Beacons Now Support the AltBeacon Specification


We’re proud to announce that GemTot USB Beacons now fully support both the iBeacon and AltBeacon specification. This means that a single GemTot beacon is able to simultaneously broadcast iBeacon and AltBeacon signals! What is AltBeacon? The AltBeacon specification, developed by Radius Networks, defines the format of the advertisement message that Bluetooth Low Energy proximity […]

What is iBeacon Technology: An Animated Production

iBeacon technology can be difficult to understand at first. To make learning about it fun and easy, we’ve put together this animated video to sum up iBeacon and show a practical example of implementation. It also highlights important points such as hardware required and offline-online-offline interaction with a mobile wallet (using something like Apple Pay or […]