The Top 7 Best Practices For Your Digital Marketing Strategy


In today’s digital world, every marketer must have a digital marketing strategy. The problem is that most people don’t even know where to begin when trying to enter the digital realm of marketing. To help you out, I put together the top 7 best practices for your digital marketing strategy. 1) Have Clear Campaign Goals […]

Know Thy Customer. Get Mobile.

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Know Thy Customer It’s one of the cardinal rules of marketing. Savvy brand managers have always preached the importance of knowing and understanding your target customer. They often pay significant amounts of money to research firms developing customer profiles, figuring out what age their ideal product-purchasers are, where they live, what they love and what […]

WeChat Offers Insight Into The Future Of Apps And Mobile Payments


WeChat is an extremely popular app in China and other parts of Asia, while it is best known for being a messaging app, WeChat is actually so much more. WeChat offers true insight into what an all-in-one platform looks like and could offer insight into the future of the entire mobile industry. The people outside […]

The Guide To Loyalty Programs: Why You Need It and How To Succeed


Everyone is familiar with the concept of loyalty programs. Hotels, airlines, and grocery stores have the most well-known loyalty programs. While most people feel they understand the concept and how it works, not everyone understands why it works or why a business should have a loyalty program. In addition, people don’t always understand the role technology […]

How I increased the number of REAL Twitter followers by 1,500% in 8 weeks


The Frame In this article I will briefly examine the social media strategy I applied to Loopy Loyalty in a span of eight weeks time, particularly regarding Twitter and the results obtained from the 14th of September until the 5th of November 2015. First and foremost, let’s frame the situation with a few numbers. All […]

3 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Marketing


The world is changing. The days of massive TV and billboard ad campaigns are over. This may be a sad thought for creatives who reminisce about advertising’s heyday, but it has opened a whole new world for marketers. Mobile marketing has given any business a way to reach their customers. Before, you would need a […]

3 Ways The Mobile Wallet Affects Your Retail Marketing Strategy


In today’s business world, you can’t just sit back and expect customers to come to you. As much as people like to say “build it and they will come”, you are not Noah, and you are not building an arc. So instead, you are forced to have a different philosophy on how to get customers […]

There’s a Pass For That: 5 Ways Tourist Destinations Can Use Passbook


Tourist destinations are supposed to feel like a dream. They are supposed to take you into a different world, where you’ll forget all of the things waiting for you back home. The problem is that even though places like Disneyland, New York City, and Las Vegas are fun, they can also be very stressful. Figuring out where to go […]

Using Apple Pay Will Be Even Faster With This New iOS 9 Feature


Using Apple Pay in its current form makes paying easier as well as transaction times faster. But in true Apple fashion, it still isn’t enough. Which is why they’ve now decided to add a feature that will make using Apple Pay even faster. Currently, Apple Pay only activates once you tap your iPhone against an NFC terminal. […]