5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Mobile Wallet

Paper to Digital, Streamlined Customer Experience

You can listen to the audio here and download the mp3 for free: https://soundcloud.com/passkit/5-things-your-competitors-can-teach-you-about-mobile-wallet. This video covers 5 mobile wallet case studies that will show you how different companies from different industries are capitalizing on mobile wallet technology. We take a close look at Aeroflot (aviation), Marks & Spencer (retail/food), Harvester (restaurant chain), Fandango (movies), […]

6 Things About Apple Pay Your Boss Wants to Know

Apple Pay Passbook

Consumers in the US are now using their iPhones to make everyday payments, no physical wallet required. Thanks to Apple Pay, consumers are experiencing easier, faster and more secure transactions, all from the comfort of their beloved smartphone. However, there’s more to Apple Pay than meets the eye. At face value it may just be […]

PassKit Christmas Giveaway 2014

With Christmas only a week away, we’d like to offer all of you an early present that will last you not just through the winter chills but propel your business through 2015 and the many years to follow. From 17 December 2014 until 25 December 2014, if you subscribe to an annual Bronze, Silver, or […]

6 Quick Tips About Customer Loyalty

Digital Customer Loyalty Program

Businesses are not always aware to what extent their customer retention strategy can increase their sales. Customer loyalty is more important than ever, and businesses need the right tools and strategies to thrive. A loyalty program is not just about distributing a loyalty card that your customers will store in their bulky wallet. It is not […]

How to Increase Customer Loyalty in 2015


Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a secret project for all of you. Given that 2014 is coming to a close, we’d like to share a product that you can get started with today to march into 2015 strong. There are so many different loyalty strategies out there, but customer retention […]

Apple Pay – The Industry Shaking Mobile Payment System

2 years ago when Apple released Passbook, it opened our eyes to a much wider world of digital, mobile transactions. For the past 2 years, there has been so much speculation on Apple’s positioning as a mobile payment facilitator based on its large database of credit cards through iTunes. And 2 years later, Apple has […]

Apple, Mobile Payments, and NFC: What you Need to Know

Wake me up when September ends? Not this time. We are waiting in anticipation for September 9, when Apple is reported to unveil its latest iPhone. With all the buzz about the new, large screen iPhone, rumours regarding mobile payment features, and even partnership deals between Apple, Visa, and MasterCard to support an iPhone Wallet, […]

A Highly Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy with Passes

With mobile phone penetration expected to reach nearly 70% of the global population by 2017, it would be foolish to not be thinking about your mobile presence. Having an effective mobile marketing strategy is no longer just an option to think about – your brand needs to have a place on mobile. You might begin […]

What is PassKit?

What is PassKit and what products and services do we provide? Watch this video to see how we help businesses adopt a mobile strategy – without the need of an app. If your business wants to create passes right away, simply visit http://create.passkit.com/ to get started. To learn more about our products and services, check […]

Top Up Pass Demo with Stripe Payments

Whether your goal is to accelerate customer loyalty, increase revenue, or simply offer your customers an engaging experience in-store, Top Up Pass is the right product for you. Top Up Pass allows you to accept payments for your digital passes – which could be stored value cards, gift cards, or even reward cards. By simply […]