Mobile Wallet Case Study: Heathrow Airport


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3 Powerful Ways The Mobile Wallet Can Enhance Your Mobile Marketing


With the rise of the smartphone came the birth of mobile marketing. And like any successful marketing medium, the mobile space has become more and more crowded. Consumers are beginning to put up their barriers and are ignoring these messages. Even though consumers minds are blocking a lot of the mobile marketing messages they see […]

How iOS 9 And Apple Wallet Will Be A Mobile Wallet Game Changer


Now that iOS 9 is downloaded and running on your iPhone, you are probably trying to figure out all of the new features that it has to offer. The new spotlight search and Siri are awesome. Along with Apple news and the new notes app. But as cool as those new features are, there is one other update that could be a […]

O2O: The Opportunity, The Journey, And The Future

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Business is changing. Two separate worlds have begun to merge. While some businesses have tried to avoid it, the mergence of the online and offline (aka online 2 offline or O2O) world is inevitable. And if you’re prepared, O2O can be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. So what is it? What […]

Scan 1D Barcodes With Apple iOS9 And Passbook


Your Point of Sales system is sacred. Which is why thousands of you haven’t changed your workhorse 1D barcode readers since their inception in the late 70s. It’s the red laser scanner that revolutionized your checkout procedure. But the world has changed. Mobile wallet has moved in. Physical loyalty cards, coupons and more are being replaced by digital versions. Which present a […]

3 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Marketing


The world is changing. The days of massive TV and billboard ad campaigns are over. This may be a sad thought for creatives who reminisce about advertising’s heyday, but it has opened a whole new world for marketers. Mobile marketing has given any business a way to reach their customers. Before, you would need a […]

Why Proximity Marketing Could Rewake Offline Commerce


Since the e-commerce take over in recent years, retail stores have felt the pain. More and more consumers have begun doing most of their shopping online, through stores such as Amazon, Zappos, and Alibaba. It is quick, easy, and convenient. But that isn’t enough, e-commerce still lacks a major aspect of shopping that consumers want. […]

3 Ways The Mobile Wallet Affects Your Retail Marketing Strategy


In today’s business world, you can’t just sit back and expect customers to come to you. As much as people like to say “build it and they will come”, you are not Noah, and you are not building an arc. So instead, you are forced to have a different philosophy on how to get customers […]

The Big 3 Players In Contactless Payments Have Arrived: Enemies or Allies?


Within the next 4 weeks, the entire contactless payments ecosystem is going to change. The big 3 – Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay – will all officially be available in the U.S. by the end of September. Android Pay (a revised Google Wallet and Tap and Pay experience) could arrive late August or early September. No one is […]

There’s a Pass For That: 5 Ways Tourist Destinations Can Use Passbook


Tourist destinations are supposed to feel like a dream. They are supposed to take you into a different world, where you’ll forget all of the things waiting for you back home. The problem is that even though places like Disneyland, New York City, and Las Vegas are fun, they can also be very stressful. Figuring out where to go […]