WeChat Instant Apps with no installation required

WeChat Instant Apps

Introduction to WeChat Instant Apps A recent picture posted by Tencent’s senior vice president Zhang Xiaolong (Allen Zhang), will bring major changes into the mobile landscape in mainland China through WeChat instant apps. The picture is shown below: The picture consists of a screen of Zhang’s home page containing a wide variety of WeChat instant apps, […]

How to send money through WeChat

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Do you need to send some money to a relative or friend? Or maybe you just want to split the dinner bill? No matter what the reason is, in this article we’ll show you how to send money through WeChat step by step. Before jumping into the process, I’d like you to take a moment […]

You can now add your Identity card to WeChat

how to add identity card to WeChat

Chinese Tencent recently made it possible for Chinese citizens residing in Nanning to electronically link their ID cards to WeChat. Electronic identity cards will eliminate the need to carry a physical card around NOTE: you might also be interested in How to make a payment through WeChat. The Nanning Municipality signed a strategic cooperation with […]

How to make a payment through WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay PassKit

Mobile payments through WeChat Pay In this article we will show the user experience of making a payment through WeChat pay. If you haven’t already, (or you don’t know WeChat very well) I would highly recommend you to take a look at the following articles: 4 reasons why WeChat shake can grow ROI How beacons […]

4 reasons why WeChat shake can grow ROI

WeChat ROI

This article features the benefits of WeChat and the WeChat shake functionality, as well as giving a better understanding of how WeChat can be leveraged to increase in-store traffic, customer engagement and sales. Benefits of integrating WeChat and WeChat shake in your business #1 Cost: It is extremely expensive, both in terms of money and time […]

How beacons work with WeChat


How do beacons work with WeChat Shake [Video] WeChat global usage With an astounding 700 million WeChat users globally, as well as an increasing adoption and use of mobile wallet technology, it’s time to dig a bit more into the features and functionalities that can be performed through the app owned by the Chinese company […]

GemTot Beacons Bring WeChat, iBeacon, & The Physical Web Together As One

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PassKit is excited to introduce the latest addition to their GemTot lineup- the WeChat beacon. WeChat beacons are the only beacon that can simultaneously broadcast two iBeacon signals alongside an Eddystone signal. Allowing businesses to broadcast simultaneously to both WeChat users, iPhone users, as well as supporting contextual Eddystone attachments, Physical Web URLs and telemetry […]

WeChat Beacon experience for Chinese New Year


On the Saturday before Chinese New Year 2016, the 6th of February, some other PassKiteers and I were hanging out after work in probably the most popular Chinese New Year Flower Market in Hong Kong, the Victoria Park flower market in Causeway Bay. It usually starts about a couple of weeks before the New Year […]

Is WeChat Wallet The Strongest Mobile Wallet Available?


PassKit is happy to say that we officially support WeChat Wallet. Besides being a platform for mobile payments, which you can read more about here, WeChat also has the capability of being used as an all out mobile wallet. Using PassKit technology, businesses can integrate their own mobile coupons as well as beacons into the […]