Now Passbook and Mobile Marketing is in Reach of any Japanese Business

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Now any business can create Passbook Passes in Japan

PassKit and gmacal Announce a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Passbook Adoption Across Japan

Online advertising consultancy and development company, gmacal, Inc. is very proud to announce the partnership with PassKit, Inc to accelerate the adoption of Passbook across Japan.

PassKit provides the easiest and most affordable way for business owners, marketers and developers of all sizes to access the fastest growing media platform in the history of marketing. Through PassKit’s simple but powerful online Pass Designer, and secure and scalable infrastructure, gmacal clients can now create and distribute stunning, innovative, dynamic coupons, tickets and shopping cards that have the power to engage the market like never before. Using modern day innovations such as GPS tracking and instant push messages, PassKit Passes provide a convenient, engaging and fun experience for customers, while delivering powerful insights for the marketers and business owners.

gmacal’s CEO, Shinsuke Morihashi, said “Japanese consumers have been enjoying the convenience of 2D Barcodes, including QR codes, for many years and now through our strategic partnership with PassKit, we can further enhance the customer experience; through the use of intelligent dynamic coupons that are discoverable when they are most needed and can easily updated so they always show the latest offers or customer account information”

The PassKit platform creates a level playing field by bringing this technology within the reach of everyone, no matter their degree of technical experience or budget. Now businesses no longer need a dedicated app, mobile website or expensive SMS messaging to engage their clients on the device that they have with them all the time.

The general public is still a bit unclear about Passbook and what it’s used for. However where it is being used by retailers and others it’s having an immediate success. Companies across the world are already using it. Subway, in Hong Kong, for example saw over 10,000 coupons added to Passbook in just 24 hours after the launch of the campaign, and an immediate, sustained increase in the number of customers spending money at Subway.

By providing a dedicated Japanese PassKit offering, gmacal aim to accelerate the adoption of Passbook and maintain Japan’s place as the most innovative consumers of mobile technology.
The Passbook application is Apple’s first move into the red hot mobile wallet space, and as you’d expect they have invested significantly to provide the most convenient and engaging user experience within the native application.

Once a PassKit card/voucher is added to Passbook it enables location based alerts. And rather than a simple static coupon or loyalty card a PassKit enabled coupon sends out dynamic notifications.

A PassKit Pass is effectively a mini-app. A PassKit loyalty card, coupon or ticket notifies the Pass owner of new deals or nearby offers. Marketers now only need to get consumers to download a single Pass which is then dynamically updated.

A business without a mobile app could simply create a mobile loyalty card or “persistent coupon” via PassKit. There are a range of ways to get customers to add a Pass to Passbook, including email, via social media, SMS etc; all of which remove many of the barriers to mobile app discovery and downloads. Date and location based notifications or Pass updates are then delivered direct via the PassKit API. Marketers don’t need to develop a full-blown app as the dynamic Passbook coupon or shopping card enables app-like interaction with the consumer.

Companies could use notification-enabled Passes to test out consumer reactions to promotions or even cross promote other brands. There are many interesting scenarios that the combination of PassKit’s world leading technology and gmacal’s local advertising and mobile marketing heritage start to make possible.

For most marketers a PassKit-enabled Pass (shopping card, coupon, ticket) will be just as effective, and certainly more efficient, than a full-blown mobile app. That’s what is potentially radical about this partnership and the combination of their collective capabilities.

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