GemTot Beacons Now Support the AltBeacon Specification

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We’re proud to announce that GemTot USB Beacons now fully support both the iBeacon and AltBeacon specification. This means that a single GemTot beacon is able to simultaneously broadcast iBeacon and AltBeacon signals!

What is AltBeacon?

The AltBeacon specification, developed by Radius Networks, defines the format of the advertisement message that Bluetooth Low Energy proximity beacons broadcast. AltBeacon was created to support beacon implementations in mobile platforms such as Android and Windows. Where iBeacon is the standard format for iOS devices, AltBeacon is the standard for non-iOS devices.

Why does this matter?

For developers looking to implement beacons with Android apps, the AltBeacon library is becoming the standard. While iBeacon remains the most popular and well-known phrase, it’s limited to iOS devices.

GemTot Beacons now make it easy for Android developers to build proximity services into apps. Our GemTot Beacons simultaneously broadcast both iBeacon and AltBeacon signals, enabling proximity services for iOS, Android, and much more.

Want to deliver amazing proximity experiences to all customers regardless of their mobile device? Need a dual-broadcasting beacon to further refine your Android app?

Visit to purchase GemTot USB beacons today.

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  • Randy

    I’d love to try these out, but $15 in shipping to send me one item that doesn’t weigh anything is crazy. Change your shipping prices and you will increase trial of your product.

  • Martin Ray

    Do these beacons send the same identifier to both IOS and Android devices ? Thanks

    • Wendy Chan

      Hi Martin – yes these beacons send the same identifiers (UUID, major, and minor values) to iOS and Android devices.

  • Devika Girish

    That’s some great news. Thanks for sharing. While Apple has had a head start with its iBeacon specification, with the recent release of AltBeacon as a way to accelerate beacon adoption among non-iOS devices, beacons are currently poised to really break out among android devices as well. Given this, Dual broadcasting Gem tot USB Beacons will definitely be a much welcome change. Today, we have reached a stage where most of the leading beacon players such as Estimote, Gimbal, Kontakt are fighting their way through by launching new, better beacons that will help overcome some of the challenges faced by the current ones. And with so many beacon players in the market, it can be tough to keep track of new companies innovating in this space. We have talked about the 3 new beacon hardware players to watch out for in 2015 here:

  • omairaslam

    Would Gemtots purchased before Mar 2015 also have this capability ?

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