Happy New Year

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All of us at PassKit would like to wish everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

From the June 11, 2012 – the day that the PassKit concept and philosophy was born – we have been working tirelessly to bring you world class thought leadership, products and services, and provide the most intuitive and thorough The PassKit Portal and PassKit API out there. Our highly creative, passionate and expert developers have, and continue to work non-stop to deliver you world class tools so you can quickly and easily create Passbook Passes and integrate them into your business processes and systems. Our dedicated, committed client services team have been working through the night to provide you the confidence and capabilities to get the most out of this brand new form of mobile marketing media.

And the response has been phenomenal; you’ve told us that you have loved using our products and more importantly your customers have adored using your Passes. You’ve already attracted new custom just by the fact you got rid of the plastic or paper cards and now issue Passbook Passes.  In some cases the demand for passes has completely overtaken expectations, much to your delight. And it’s also music to our ears.  You are now well and truly leading at the forefront of the  mobile marketing revolution and we are confident that 2013 is the year this kicks into over-drive.

We have also received feedback from many individuals and companies that would love to get involved but aren’t too sure how to get started; and more specifically how it would fit in with their business. This feedback has really energised us even further.  So thank you to everyone who got in touch, and for helping us reinforce one of our core PassKit goals and strategies going forward.

One of our key missions in 2013, is to super-charge our supporting tools and processes. You will have access to world class expertise, tools, communities and best practices so you can confidently and effectively realize the potential of the mobile wallet with minimal effort.

We will freely share advice, ideas, tools, manuals, tips, examples each week and you will be able to discuss ideas, strategies and experiences with your fellow PassKit customers on our discussion forums.

2013 will be the year we see the Passbook initial cynicism turn to mass adoption. 2013 will be the year where PassKit enables more businesses than ever before to tap into this massive potential and 2013 will be the year where you leave your competition behind!

Here’s to a great 2013, the year when we will grow and prosper together.

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