A Highly Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy with Passes

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Mobile Marketing with Mobile Wallet

With mobile phone penetration expected to reach nearly 70% of the global population by 2017, it would be foolish to not be thinking about your mobile presence. Having an effective mobile marketing strategy is no longer just an option to think about – your brand needs to have a place on mobile.

You might begin thinking about creating a mobile-responsive website, which should be your number one priority if you haven’t implemented one already. You may also ponder the idea of developing an app – which is great, but requires development resources and does not guarantee that your customers will download it.

This is where the mobile wallet and passes come in. Passes are digital forms of wallet content such as coupons, loyalty cards, and stored value cards that are stored in the smartphone’s mobile wallet app (i.e. Passbook, Samsung Wallet).

When your customers add your pass into their mobile wallet, you instantly receive a direct line of communicating with them via push notifications and messages – without the need to develop an app. Customers enjoy the simplicity and convenience of accessing and using their mobile wallet content. Here’s how your business will benefit:

1. Instantly Access Mobile Marketing

You don’t need to develop an app to have a mobile marketing strategy. You can efficiently and effectively get your messages to customers on the go through dynamic push notifications that are relevant and useful to the users.

I’m sure many businesses have spent heavily in marketing/development but have gained little from it. As a substitute to apps, passes provide direct access to your customers’ smartphone. You can create coupons or event tickets, drive loyalty schemes, and update digital stamp cards in just a few clicks.

Mobile marketing has never been so accessible.

2. Build Brand Loyalty

To be successful in marketing requires effective communication with customers, which could ultimately lead to a sale. Traditional marketing strategies don’t quite pack the punch and have sometimes been inefficient in targeting the right customer segment.

With Passes, you are able to distribute your pass across multiple channels online and offline. You are then able to send targeted messages to customers based on their spending behaviors and preferences, as well as deliver coupons or information on new deals.

And thanks to geolocation, customers who walk near your store will receive a lock screen message that encourages them to visit. One swipe of the message opens the pass and is ready for use.
Passes allow you to actively build an enriching relationship with your customers, which only positively impact your marketing campaign and will ultimately increase customer loyalty.

3. Measure Campaign Success with Analytics

The beauty of passes and mobile wallet content is that it comes with rich analytics and data. You can A/B test passes by sending different versions to your customer segments and view the campaign metrics. For example, you can use a different image/offer on one pass and see how that affects the number of transactions.

Metrics such as how many people installed your pass, how many used your pass, and which offer resulted in more sales will help you launch the most effective mobile wallet marketing campaign.

The time has never been more ideal for your business to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy. No longer are you stuck with traditional marketing methods that don’t generate the necessary returns.

Visit http://app.passkit.com to start creating passes today. For more information on mobile wallet, check out this mobile wallet resource page.

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