How Passes & Apps Work in Harmony to Enhance the User Experience

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Just because you have an app doesn’t mean you should ignore mobile wallets. In fact, the two can actually complement each other and work in harmony to enhance the user experience.

How, you may ask? Well, first of all, when a user downloads any type of pass to their mobile phone (and hence mobile wallet), you can include a deep link directly to your app! Your user can simply tap this to engage more with your brand and get the full mobile experience you offer.

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Depending on the type of pass you offer to your customers can create different opportunities for you to enhance the user experience through the harmonisation of passes and apps. If you distribute digital gift cards to store in mobile wallets, you could include a link to the gift card top up section of your app. This allows your user to easily and directly navigate their way around your brand online and offline without having to search everywhere in order to find the necessary information.

You may also choose to distribute coupons or VIP membership cards digitally via mobile wallets. In doing so, you could include links to your app to online offers associated with the pass, either where users could purchase products or simply find more information on the relevant products.

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If you operate within the transportation sector, you may wish to offer boarding passes or tickets to your customers digitally through mobile wallet. You could include extra flight or travel information on the front of the boarding pass/ticket to save customers rooting through your app to find this information, allowing you to utilise your app for more relevant and less immediate information – such as restaurant/shop locations, rent-a-car services, and other transport information, including terminal transfers or local bus routes.

For event tickets, which are obviously only specific to one time and place, you may choose to display the relevant information for each individual event on digital event tickets stored within the mobile wallet which can then link directly to your app. Within your app users may find more background knowledge of your brand and what you do, with a brief description about each event before booking, and in comparison the passes may show more detailed information post booking.

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Essentially, passes can contain necessary information for a specific time, date, or need, which can link directly to your app for more detailed information and additional benefits, in order for the two to work in harmony and enhance the user experience.

If you’re interested in creating passes to work in harmonisation with your app then the first step is to start creating your pass here at CherryPie! If you’d like more information into how passes can work with apps or other solutions we can provide for you then please get in touch.

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