How to Add your Credit Card to WeChat Wallet

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Just a couple of days ago, WeChat launched WeChat Wallet in Hong Kong, right before we ring in the Year of the Monkey. While this feature had already been available in China, users in Hong Kong can now link their local credit cards to WeChat Wallet.

So I thought I’d give it a go and link my credit card to WeChat. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open WeChat and click on the ‘Me’ tab at the bottom right of the screen. Tap on Wallet.


2. We’re now in Wallet. Tap on ‘Cards’ to add your credit card.


3. Tap on ‘+Add Credit Card’.


4. Enter your credit card number and tap on ‘Next’.


5. Fill in the rest of your details and tap on ‘Next’. For first time set ups, you’ll need to create a 6 digit password to enable payments.


6. And that’s it! Your credit card(s) are now in WeChat Wallet.


You’ll notice that on the main screen of Wallet, there are a few things in the menu like ‘Travel’, ‘Transport’, ‘Tickets’, and ‘Shopping’. Since WeChat only just been rolled out in Hong Kong, I envision there will be a lot more categories added to this screen later this year.

Now, you can instantly purchase items straight from WeChat. For example, Airport Express tickets, ferry tickets to Macau (if you’re feeling extra lucky), and tickets to other events throughout Hong Kong. From what I can see, you’ll still need to pick up your train/ferry tickets at the station/dock, but at least this way you can pre-purchase tickets in advance.



I haven’t purchased anything yet through WeChat Wallet, but I will soon. Have you tried WeChat Wallet? What’s your experience been like? We’d love to know!


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  • Clive

    I’ve just applied for a business account!

  • madstudios30620

    Is this payment system any use to someone in America? I am interested in learning more about WeChat and Ive heard million+ user base?

    • Brandon Lane

      As of now WeChat isn’t of much use in America. Sadly, we don’t receive the same features as the users in Asia do.

  • Thelma Patmorre

    How do you retrieve you a lost password for your wechat wallet if you are in another country and cannot receive sms verification on the number registered with the back card? (my e-mail is registered and verified by wechat)

  • Cecilia

    How do I remove the visa card No that I added to my card?

    • Wendy Chan

      If you tap on your card in WeChat it will give you the option to ‘Unlink’ your card.

  • Nardana Bazybek

    Hi, I tried different ways to add credit card visa, but it always shows “system busy, try again later”. What should i do? What is the problem?

  • Josh Steimle

    What if wallet doesn’t show up in my “me” section?

    • e9vx3rng

      In this case, you will need to create a new WeChat account from a Chinese IP address. Merely changing the language no longer does the trick.

      • Josh Steimle

        I got this fixed by having someone send me ¥1. WeChat then sent me a confirmation to accept the cash and led me through the signup process. Once I completed that then Wallet magically appeared in my WeChat.

        • e9vx3rng

          That is great. Thank you for sharing!

        • Bridget Chen

          Wish i had someone to do that for me too. I can’t add a card because under the long list of bank names, they just claim Visa is ‘Unavailable’.

    • Shiruken

      ask some one transfer one cent to you then the wallet appeared .

  • Nikola Marković

    When I try to add my card to wechat wallet, Mastercard and Visa are listed as not yet supported.

  • Icepikachu94

    Phone number problem=.=”

  • les_haunts

    I tried loading money on, and It just says “Unable to make any more payments to Wechat instant money Top Up Today”

    Can anyone help me out on this??

  • SunnyK

    I successfully added my International VISA card but I cannot add funds to my wallet with it. What’s the use of it?

  • Daniel Wyss

    Is there also a support for WeChat Pay in HK. I added two credit cards, but it’s not working at all. I can not send any red pockets… to no one?!

  • Liudmila Baksheeva

    I linked my HSBC credit card without any problems. But when i wanted to make a payment through it, it says the card is not supported :(

    • Daniel Wyss

      Exactly. WeChat Pay is way not usable in Hong Kong. Sorry, to say so!

  • fdhgfh

    I am studying in America. It is a trouble for us to top up WeChat or a alipay. My friend recommend a website :Vpayfast for me.I think it’s ok .This website support WeChat and Alipay top up .It’s convenient and safe .So I recommend for you.

    • Daniel Wyss

      Using now ApplePay. WeChat isn’t working at all.

    • Tania Q
    • Mangekyou Sylar

      hey ,even if u got a WeChat credit you can’t add it to your account till u bind ur bank card to wechat actually

  • Igxe Ka

    If you want to recharge your Wechat wallet and you do not have a Chinese bank account, you can try this website: They accept local payments and can help recharge your wechat wallet in minutes!

    Fast & easy.

  • N.M. Fazni

    I was wondering whether we could add debit cards from Hong Kong as well, apparently it seems to be not viable at the moment.
    Thank you Wendy, was a surprise to see an article from you :)…

  • Abie Vergara Nery

    I cannot add my card. It says my account has ben compromised.How is that?

    • Daniel Wyss

      Which area do you life? Which region you like to use your wallet?

  • Tania Q

    Thanks for showing how to add my card. Success! But now I want to pay my card but it won’t work through “card repay”.

  • Elsa Wang

    it’s actually easy, you can use your visa or mastercard to recharge your wechat or alipay wallet on this website: