How To Engage Your Customers Through Mobile Wallet

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If you want to take customer engagement seriously, then you’re going to have to take mobile wallet engagement seriously as well. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for so many different aspects of their lives, concepts like mobile wallet engagement is a strategy businesses simply cannot ignore.

The mobile wallet represents one of the most flexible, straightforward methods of connecting to both established and new customers. If you find your brand struggling to compete, not taking the digital wallet concept seriously could be one of the most significant things currently holding you back, especially since it doesn’t require you to develop an app.

Mobile Wallet Benefits

The physical wallet is likely to hang around for at least a few more years. However, it has less responsibilities now than it did a decade ago, and things like mobile wallets are a big reason as to why this is the case.

Mobile wallets allow for an increasing number of financial transactions to occur through smartphones. Even better, consumers now have the ability to store coupons, special offers, and even customer loyalty cards in their digital wallet. Obviously, the potential customer engagement that can be had through successful mobile wallet engagement revolves around understanding how your brand can take advantage of these mobile wallets.

While it’s true that the mobile wallet is a fairly straightforward concept, the ways in which brands of all shapes and sizes can utilize this concept reveals a great deal more depth to these things than one might think.

Mobile Wallets And Brand Awareness

Appreciating the value of mobile wallets is the beginning. The next step is to understand how to engage customers through the mobile wallet. It is worth mentioning again that successful mobile wallet engagement can be seen as a key component to successful customer engagement.

There are a variety of ways in which you can use mobile wallets to engage customers. Geofencing is a great example of engagement tools that are currently available to brands just like yours. Establish a geofence area, and customers who are connected to your brand will receive a lock screen message when they are in the area. What this notification can consist of will be entirely up to you. Give someone a coupon that can only be redeemed at a physical store location in the next hour, or simply give them a special offer that rewards them for their loyalty. What you want to do in the end is encourage consumers to engage your brand in a way that is beneficial to everyone, particularly your business.

The great thing about mobile wallet engagement is that it is certainly ambitious, but it doesn’t have to be pushy. You don’t have to overwhelm customers with information they don’t need, or deals that aren’t really deals at all. Target your current and potential client base with offers that are only going to be made available during certain times. Because mobile wallets are capable of storing loyalty cards, coupons and more, people can wait until a different time to take action on something you’ve sent them. Even better, their smartphone will remind them later on! This is what the face of successful customer engagement now looks like.

iBeacon is another great example of how you can successfully engage customers, without making them feel as though you’re pushing them around. Use iBeacon to deliver rich content directly to your customers when they are in proximity to something you specify. You can even generate content that will be delivered to a specific user in whatever language their phone is set to. Everything about the mobile wallet is designed around creating opportunities for consumers that have been made with different groups of consumers in mind. Target customers who are in your area, based on a particular time, or send messages to segmented markets. Create unique opportunities for people who follow your Twitter page, while using lockscreen notifications to bridge the gap between online and offline customer engagement.

Engaging Your Customers Through Mobile Wallet

The great thing about mobile wallets that cannot be emphasized enough is the versatility of the concept. Being able to carefully analyze the data related to your current mobile marketing strategies will give you a clear idea of what’s working, and what needs to be retooled. For now, simply look for ways in which consumer behavior with a mobile wallet can benefit your desire to increase brand recognition and satisfaction.

Ready to try it out? Simply create your mobile wallet content today and give it a whirl. To learn more about how your business can capitalize on the mobile wallet opportunity, check out this comprehensive explainer.

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