How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Mobile Marketing

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In terms of mobile marketing, mobile wallets like Passbook should be extremely appealing. However, the concept of mobile wallet has been around since 2012, and companies have been surprisingly slow to adopt its litany of benefits. This has changed to a large degree over the past year or so, but the fact remains that when it comes to the various problems inherent in mobile marketing, Passbook is something that is well worth taking seriously.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

The first thing that people need to understand with Passbook is that it is truly designed to function as a digital wallet. When Passbook came out in 2012, it was pushed heavily as a means of replacing many of the functions an actual wallet is designed to fulfill. Suddenly, through Passbook, it became possible for consumers to store things like a movie ticket, a boarding pass, a coupon, a loyalty card, and just about anything else along those lines.

Mobile marketing can easily benefit from this development in how consumers store things like coupons, passes, and other items of interest. It is clear at this point that people are rapidly appreciating something like a mobile wallet, or the idea of no longer having to keep a substantial paper trail in their wallets. The physical wallet isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, but it is obvious that if people can store their loyalty cards or movie coupons on their mobile devices, they would much prefer this to keeping actual pieces of paper in their wallet.

And how can mobile marketing use a digital wallet concept to solve some of its problems? Within Passbook, there are a number of potential strategies with mobile device marketing that can be explored.

About Passbook

One of the biggest and oldest problems with marketing is the fact that when a brand releases an offer to the public, tracking the success of the offer or campaign is tricky.

Through mobile marketing, it is easier now than ever before to track the success and failure of various strategies that are currently in play. However, in order to get comprehensive data on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, a brand is going to need the assistance of a complex app in their corner. This is where the digital wallet concept explored through Passbook becomes extremely useful.

With this mobile wallet product, brands can now effortlessly gain access to the data that revolves around consumers and their various behaviors. Detailed analytics can break down everything concerning mobile marketing for a specific brand, which gives the brand the ability to understand on a very intricate level the popularity of their offers in the digital landscape.

Communication between consumers and a brand, in terms of how successful a marketing strategy has been, has also been a problem for companies. One of the neat things about Passbook is the way in which it will remind consumers of the items they have in their mobile wallet, but only when they are in proximity to a location that has connections to one of the offers or passes they have stored. Because consumers no longer have to make a mental connection between the passes they have saved, and when they are in a position that allows them to redeem their passes, redemption of said passes has reached an all-time high. Consumers can now save coupons and other passes, and Passbook will let them know when they can redeem those items.

What this means is that companies are going to receive a much clearer idea of how people are responding to their mobile marketing strategies.

Adopting Passbook has never been easier. There are additional benefits to consider with this digital wallet solution. Combine Passbook with Apple Pay, and you’re creating a consumer universe in which people are going to trust their phones and other devices to keep track of their coupons, and let them know when their favorite brands have offers that might be of interest to them. Marketers can create strategies that take into account past consumer behavior through mobile device usage, and because the data is so in-depth, the strategies in turn have become a good deal more elaborate.

And they are indeed becoming increasingly complex. Combining things like coupons with social media is just one of the ways marketers are taking advantage of such comprehensive information.

Why Passbook Matters

In the end, using something as powerful as Passbook eliminates a brand’s need to develop a similar app on their own. Brands of all shapes and sizes are taking advantage of the mobile wallet idea, as well as the many different ways in which a digital wallet can be utilized (like SMS or email). The tides are turning and if your brand isn’t already in the mobile wallet, then you better start thinking about it.

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