Startup Networking in Lan Kwai Fong Just Got Digitally Sexier with Mettā

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Who says Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) is all about partying?

Mettā, an entrepreneurs club located right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong in the sky-high California Tower, held its grand opening on May 26. Their mission is to build the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs and serve as home for these entrepreneurs and innovators across the world.

Since Mettā is a venue exclusively for members, they wanted to be innovative with how they manage their membership program. That’s when PassKit stepped in and helped enable Mettā’s digital membership program & member engagement experiences.

It’s 2016. Plastic cards are so 1996.

The Experience

Traditionally, signing up for a membership program is a long and arduous process. Paperwork needs to be filled in, staff take the paperwork and manually enter the information into their database, the member details get processed, membership cards are ordered to be printed, the cards are then mailed to the member, and the member finally receives their plastic membership card.

Here’s what we did to make the signup process for Mettā members and staff smoother and much more efficient.

1. Applicants visit a landing page where they fill in their details to apply to become a Mettā member

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.37.24 PM

2. The applicant receives an email with a link to their digital membership card. The digital membership card can instantly be saved in Apple Wallet, third party wallet apps and browsers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.38.13 PM

3. Members simply show their membership card to access the venue. Members can also access additional information on the back of their digital membership card and receive updates from Mettā – particularly useful for discovering upcoming events and offers.


Mettā offers 2 different member tiers: temporary members and permanent members.


Temporary members: members get a limited amount of entries to the venue, with the option to upgrade to become a permanent member afterwards.

Permanent members: members get unlimited entries to the venue and are entitled to full access to Mettā facilities and services – conference room, WiFi, receive event invites, make purchases at the coffee shop, and more.

Benefits for Mettā

By issuing digital membership cards, Mettā is able to:

  • Be more efficient with member enrollment processes, all the way from signup to delivery of the digital membership card.
  • Send updates to members directly through the digital membership card, which appears right on the lock screen of smartphones.
  • Allow members to conveniently access their membership card from their smartphone, as well as easily find content that the would have otherwise had to look online for.

It’s time to go Digital

We’re so thrilled to be part of the digital journey with Mettā and are excited for what they have in store for entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe.

One of our core missions at PassKit is to rid the world of waste – wasteful paper, plastic, resources, time etc. One way in which we do this is through allowing businesses to access the latest technology so that they and their customers benefit.

If you’re looking to digitize your membership program or want to learn more about how we’ve helped business across the globe, we’d love to connect with you! Get in touch with us here.

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