Ultimate Guide to iBeacon

ibeacons cover

For the last month or so, the buzz has been all around Apple’s iBeacons. Many of you have come to us seeking more information on how it works and how your business can begin implementing iBeacons. We have compiled a comprehensive iBeacons guide so that you can understand just what it is and how it […]

Enhance Social Media Marketing Strategies with Mobile Wallet

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful marketing strategy of its own. Entities ranging from international corporations to local businesses all have a presence on a number of social media platforms. The viral nature of social media makes it the quickest way to promote content and promulgate information. With over 4.2 billion people […]

Add to Passbook badge iOS7


Wow… we’ve seen a massive increase in Passbook interest and excitement since iOS7 was released to the public.  And so you can capitalise on this growing wave we are pleased to provide you with the ‘Add to Passbook’ badge for iOS7. We only have the English version now but as soon as Apple release the new […]

CHOPpass, powered by PassKit


Smart stamping by Smart people for Smart phones PassKit’s new CHOPpass Boosts Customer Loyalty and allows millions of businesses their first real chance to capitalize on the white hot mobile marketing space PassKit has taken Passbook innovation and ease of implementation to another level. Announcing CHOPpass! Smart stamping by smart people for smart phones. Paper […]

Convert Your Paper Stamp Cards to Digital with CHOPpass


Update – August 7, 2017: We’ve released a new digital stamp card solution that has replaced CHOPpass. As PassKit continues to grow its team, innovation continues to reach new levels. Introducing PassKit’s new “out of the box” solution, the CHOPpass. This takes Apple’s Passbook technology beyond every merchant’s expectations. What is the CHOPpass? For businesses […]

Go tweet your pass.is links!


Another first for PassKit. We’ve just integrated Twitter cards into pass.is 2.0. So, now the Passbook Pass summary, and your strip image (if available) will be automatically applied by Twitter whenever anyone posts a pass.is link to their feed. This applies regardless of how the tweet is created – i.e. typing the link manually into a tweet […]

Unexplained hang in Safari 6.1 and Safari 7


If you are using the Pass Designer in the latest release of Safari (Safari 7.0) you may experience page hanging. We have raised this Safari bug with Apple, and will keep you posted of progress. To avoid the page hanging, we recommend you use the latest production release of Safari (6.0.5 8536.30.1) or the latest […]

PassKit Releases pass.is 2.0


with Fresh iOS7 Look, Powerful Integrated Share Function, Enhanced Android Experience and More Hong Kong, 22 August 2013 – PassKit, the world leading company powering Passbook, today released pass.is 2.0. ‘Over 20 new features’ come with this update and it’s available as standard to all PassKit’s customers today. “We are very excited about launching pass.is […]