PassKit Releases 2.0

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with Fresh iOS7 Look, Powerful Integrated Share Function, Enhanced Android Experience and More

Hong Kong, 22 August 2013 – PassKit, the world leading company powering Passbook, today released 2.0. ‘Over 20 new features’ come with this update and it’s available as standard to all PassKit’s customers today.
Image of 2.0 distribution page on iPhone 5 in a one quarter view

“We are very excited about launching 2.0 with a fresh iOS7 look and feel, automatic strip image integration, an enhanced android experience and the very powerful share function. It’s another PassKit innovation that makes it even easier and cooler for our customers to distribute personalised passes.”

said Paul Tomes, CEO & Co-Founder at PassKit.

“We’ve talked to some of our partners and customers before this official launch and the response has been outstanding, particular their response to the optional integrated share function.”

Here are a few of the major new features:

Fresh iOS7 Look and Feel

iPhone 5 showing 2.0 front page and share page The layout of the Pass landing page is inspired by the new iOS7 design. It boasts a brighter color scheme, simplified icons and a ‘cleaner’ design while being fully compatible with the current iOS6 operating system as well as iOS7 ready. 2.0 is delivered as a standard feature for all PassKit clients.  Smartphone users will see this beautiful landing page for any pass template that has a dynamic field that allows the pass holder to enter their own value.  This is as simple as checking the box in the The PassKit Portal.
Image of pass designer and 2.0 landing page The strip image from the pass template is automatically used to create the pass landing page. And PassKit users automatically get a beautiful web page. No need to spend time designing and testing landing pages across devices. PassKit’s done it all for you.

image of pass designer and 2.0 page

Powerful Integrated Share Function

The optional share screen is accessed by tapping the share icon in the top left of the landing page.The passholder can quickly and easily share the pass link using email or many of today’s popular social networking channels.

PassKit customers can easily enable social sharing, or if they prefer they can turn this off in the The PassKit Portal. Future pass templates will have social sharing enabled by default.

Image of Pass Designer and 2.0 share screen
With the social sharing feature enabled, any passholder can quickly and easily share the page via email or any of the people social networking channels.

Enhanced Android Experience

Android users automatically see the ‘Add to PassWallet’. If pass wallet is already installed, PassWallet will open up with the pass automatically.

If PassWallet is not installed, the user will be presented with the option to install PassWallet. Once they tap this button, PassWallet will be installed, complete with a copy of the new pass. Simple and easy. Single tap only.

Android Compatibility

White Labelling

PassKit also offers the option to white label the page.  Integrate passbook passes into your business; quickly and easily distribute passes to your customers without having to design the distribution landing page.  Your brand on the beautiful 2.0 page. 2.0 white labelling

Click here to download the PDF brochure

About Passkit

Founded in June 2012, PassKit is the world leading company powering passbook and has been the leading authority in the mobile wallet revolution. PassKit provides users with the technology and capabilities to confidently and effectively realize the potential of the mobile wallet.

Ready to tap into the future? Sign up for a free account today.

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