GemTot Beacons Now Support the AltBeacon Specification


We’re proud to announce that GemTot USB Beacons now fully support both the iBeacon and AltBeacon specification. This means that a single GemTot beacon is able to simultaneously broadcast iBeacon and AltBeacon signals! What is AltBeacon? The AltBeacon specification, developed by Radius Networks, defines the format of the advertisement message that Bluetooth Low Energy proximity […]

PassKit Turns 2 and has a Gift for You

PassKit will be 2 years old on June 12. We’d like to offer you a little treat to thank you all for your dedication and continuous support. Between now and June 30*, anyone who upgrades their PassKit account will receive FREE GemTot Beacons: Upgrade to Entrepreneur Account: 1 GemTot beacon (default UUID) Upgrade to Growing […]

iBeacon with Passbook Demo App

This iBeacon and Passbook Demo video provides step-by-step instructions for how to use the GemTot iBeacon Demo App. It is for use by PassKit Partners. At the end of the demo, the audience will be able to: Describe the main benefits of iBeacon technology. Understand why the distance measured is not precise. Articulate how differentiated […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying iBeacon Hardware


iBeacon has been a hot topic lately and everyone is rushing to get their hands on their own set of beacons. We are so pleased to see many businesses, institutions, and agencies integrate iBeacon technology and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. But before your business decides on making bulk purchases of beacon hardware, there are a […]