WWDC 2016: Highlights & Everything you Need to Know


WWDC. The moment we – and developers around the world – have been waiting for. It’s 1am here in Hong Kong and some of us have gathered in our conference room, fueled by a little bit of junk food and some energy drinks – Tsingtao, anyone? Here’s a rundown of what was covered at WWDC […]

WWDC 2014 Update

What a busy week it’s been at WWDC! With Apple’s debut of iOS8 and Yosemite, we’d like to update you with what’s most relevant for you: Indoor Mapping Indoor mapping is now available, offering precise location mapping. When combined with iBeacon technology this delivers even more relevant experiences to visitors and customers. Location Services Location […]

iOS7 Passbook Scanner


Any Apple developer that has started using and developing for the beautiful iOS7 (the beta version 1 was released on Day 1 of the Apple WorldWide Development Conference WWDC) may have seen that Passbook has introduced a scanner tool.  This is an excellent, much needed addition to Passbook; allowing an iPhone user to quickly grab […]