Why Every Business Needs A Mobile Wallet Strategy

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To many, Passbook is more than just an example of mobile engagement through mobile wallet. To these people, digital wallets represent not only the future of how people are going to pay for goods and manage the coupons/special offers/loyalty programs that come their way. Passbook and other mobile wallet engagement strategies represent the true future of how consumers are going to best interact with brands.

Is this true? Is a mobile wallet the kind of mobile engagement strategy you should take seriously for your own brand? Signs point to yes.

Smartphones And Mobile Marketing

In greater and greater numbers, people are turning to their smartphones to manage key aspects of their lives, connect with brands, and look for information while on the go. Take a look at the rise in mobile marketing strategies over the past couple of years. There is definitely a correlation between a dramatic increase in companies taking mobile marketing seriously, and an equally high climb for the number of individuals who are relying on their smartphones for far more than just simple phone calls, texting, or throwing a quick status update up on Facebook.

The mobile wallet is a clear example of not only the consumer drive towards using their phones for a larger number of tasks than ever before, but of how companies want to market their brand to those consumers. With digital wallets like Passbook, companies can not only market themselves, but they can take clear advantage of the information they receive on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Given the depth of analytics in this day and age, it is easier than ever for companies to break down a particular mobile engagement strategy into the most precise terms possible. A brand like yours can then use this information to determine the best way to create a multi-faceted engagement plan that will maintain customer loyalty, while reaching out for new customers at the same time.

Passbook is a particularly impressive example of what having a mobile wallet strategy can do for your brand.

Passbook And Mobile Engagement Tools

Why do consumers love Passbook? It’s not hard to understand why this example of successful mobile engagement has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past year or two. This digital wallet allows individuals to not only interact with their favorite brands in unique, engaging ways. The wallet also leaves them open to the possibility of connecting with new brands.

A mobile wallet can take over for a physical wallet in a number of ways. Consumers no longer have to keep all their coupons, loyalty cards, special offers, and other items in their physical wallet. The mobile approach to storing all of these things will do all of the work for them. Even better, location notifications can remind customers when they are geographically capable of taking advantage of some offer or special coupon that is associated with your brand.

The great thing about the evolution of mobile marketing strategies is that they are becoming increasingly precise. Large and small brands alike are taking advantage of the opportunity to create marketing strategies that will connect to people who actually want them. It is no longer a situation of creating coupons or special offers, releasing them into the world, and having only very generalized data to determine how successful the venture was. Now, companies of all shapes and sizes can use a mobile wallet strategy with Passbook to create strategies that accomplish two things with very little effort: They give current customers a reason to stick around, while giving potential customers something enticing to encourage brand following.

Are you starting to see how your own brand could benefit from taking mobile engagement seriously?

The Future Of Mobile Engagement

What does the future hold for digital wallets, mobile engagement, and other new marketing trends and concepts? Obviously, it is difficult to predict everything down to the very letter. Even so, it is clear that Passbook is not only here to stay, but is likely going to become even more a part of our daily lives.

The time has never been better to adopt mobile wallet strategies of your own. Doing so is remarkably easy. You do not need any specific technical experience or design training. With the The PassKit Portal or the Digital Stamp Card Designer, creating a mobile wallet pass or campaign is easy. Right away, you can get your brand into your customers’ mobile wallet.

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